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  • "Working at Sister's Inside has been a very empowering experience. I have met many women from different backgrounds that have all come together to work towards one goal. I have been given a fresh perspective regarding social justice."

    - S. Holbert, University of Wisconsin, Parkside

About Us


ISA is an international education leader in the facilitation of high quality international internships or work experience.  In addition, we also offer a wide range of other international education programming like semester/year abroad, short courses, and degree programs. We are a reputable company with over 20 years of student advising and support services; we want to work with you on your path of professional discovery and career building!

When considering an internship abroad there are many factors to consider, but through our integrated process, we will work with you to identify a potential career path and provide a connection to your prospective career field. The global job market continues to remain competitive and an internship abroad will distinguish you from your peers by allowing you real work experience in an international setting.


ISA seeks to foster the development of future leaders who, through an intercultural learning opportunity, gain a greater respect for and understanding of the relationship which exists between North America and the rest of the world in the context of the larger global community.

ISA achieves this by exposing students, advisors, and faculty to internationally recognized universities and other educational organizations through the promotion of affordable academic and cultural opportunities world-wide.




Why Intern through ISA?

We are the experts! We understand that not all international education programs are created equal.  International internships are very different from other forms of study abroad and require certain services and considerations to ensure participants receive a beneficial experience.  Therefore, we have thoughtfully designed our internships to cover some key components that we believe every internship program should encompass:

Professional Development

Building and exploring careers early and often is the key to being on the right career path by the time you graduate. This demands wise investments that offer you value for your money.  All ISA Internship Programs include our exclusive Global Career Development Experience. This program component provides essential professional development opportunities throughout the internship experience, including the application process and the return to your home country. The Global Career Development Experience includes:

  • Resume Advising
  • Counseling on internship opportunities that match professional objectives
  • Access to CareerSpots videos to help prepare students with career advice and job search tips
  • Global Personal Brand Development
  • Post Experience Webinar – How to Communicate Your International Internship Experience to Employers – an invaluable tool for individuals who are new to the job market

We realize that each participant is an individual and has distinctive learning objectives. Therefore we do not cookie cut our internships.  We customize each internship placement as best we can to ensure the individual needs are met.


Our internship programs are set up under the guidance of our school of record, Chapman University. Chapman University is an established university located in Orange, California, with a strong mission in developing global citizens.  Students can receive up to 6 credits as Pass/No Pass.  Receiving academic credit helps in utilizing financial aid and scholarship eligibility. It can also be beneficial if you seek to continue your studies and apply to graduate school.

Learn more about Chapman University

We realize that not all students want or need credit so we have multiple programs to meet a wide variety of needs.  However, every internship should incorporate some basic tools, assessment, and oversight. This allows us to monitor the quality of the experience and allow participants to identify learning objectives and learning outcomes. Participants can then better identify and communicate their experience to future employers.

Academic Supervisor

To ensure that all of our participants are properly engaged in the internship placement, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad has an Academic Supervisor on staff.  The Academic Supervisor works closely with the faculty at Chapman University to ensure out internships meet the highest standards regardless if they are for credit. Learn about Eric Mackintosh  - Academic Supervisor Internships and Adjunct Faculty at Central Queensland University.

Cultural Integration

Cultural integration is one of the key benefits of interning abroad.  You will be fully immersed into a host organization in a unique culture and work environment that may be very different from your home country. This requires sensitivity, education, and orientation to provide a smooth transition. GlobaLinks Learning Abroad ensures that every students is as prepared as possible to enter this unique learning environment with pre-departure webinars and our exclusive in-country Bridging Cultures Programs.


From the initial application process through re-entry back to your home country, all of our participants have personalized support from our staff. Our office in the US will guide and counsel student though the internship application process, including counseling on cover letters and resumes/CVs to prepping for interviews.  In addition, we have full staff in each destination to provide the necessary support throughout the experience. This includes 24/7 emergency support and support for cultural immersion and planned activities. Learn more about ISA health and safety support.

Meet the North American Team

Meet the Overseas Staff

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