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Sports, Recreation, and Exercise Science Internships

Are you considering a career as an athletic coach, exercise physiologist, personal trainer, or a recreation director? An international internship program in sports, recreation, or exercise science will allow you to gain skills and experience in a practical setting, if a recreation center or sports club. These experiences help you to bridge the gap between classroom learning and the practical learning in the sports setting.

Sample Sports, Recreation, and Exercise Science Internships:

Location: Sydney, Australia

Placement name: Internship at a local fitness center training and doing administrative work

Location: Hong Kong

Placement name: Internship at a major sports organization

Location: Park on the South Island of New Zealand (about an hour from Christchurch)

Placement name: Recreation management internship at a park

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Placement name: Sports management and events management internship with university sporting organization

Location: Valencia, Spain

Placement: Sports management internship

Location: London, England

Placement Name: Communication Intern

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